World of Coke

Work took me to Atlanta, Georgia, the home of Coke, so I figured I should check out the World of Coca Cola while I was there. My most anticipated part was the taste room, where we could taste 60 international Coke products. I was expecting to taste Coke from all over the world, but instead it was all their other kinds of fruity and fizzy drinks, which was still quite interesting. I learned that the syrup from their secret recipe is the same all over the world. The only reason that it tastes different in each country is due to the different local sugars and waters that each country uses when bottling it. It must be our sugar cane that makes me love Australian Coke the best.

They don’t try to sell themselves as healthy or curative any more, but instead they use the word “refresh” … and they apparently refresh 1.8 billion people per day. Surprisingly, I left with an admiration for the Coke brand, which I had to agree may indeed be the most recognised brand in the world. Respect to Mr. Pemberton for creating this uniquely refreshing recipe and giving the Yanks something to drink for breakfast.


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