Here be Dragon Con

My nerd credibility took a hit last fortnight when I failed to realise that I was going to Atlanta during Dragon Con. Six of my NYC gaming buddies had travelled all the way solely for the con but I just happened to be there because work sent me to a customer. All the same, it was a perfect opportunity for me to experience one of the largest cons in the USA.

Dragon Con is like San Diego’s Comic Con but smaller. It’s a convention for sci-fi, fantasy, cosplay and board gaming; basically a bunch of nerds getting together to do what they do best – geek out. As I was completely unprepared, I hadn’t scheduled myself to line up outside any book signings or Lucy Lawless autographings or lectures on “how to survive the coming apocalypse” or anything else requiring real commitment. I just walked around checking out peoples’ amazing costumes and playing board games.

It was so entertaining to watch the parade go by and then stroll through the hotels and walk past Batman, Spy vs Spy, Boba Fett, the Ghostbusters and a menagerie of other geeky characters. These people had spent countless dollars and hours to perfect their costumes and traipse around in the heat just so that lazy folk like me could stroll about and have a good gander at them. I don’t understand the woolly mammoth efforts that people go through to make their exquisite cosplay costumes, but I was appreciative all the same. I guess they did it all for the Wookie.

Star Wars Gangnam Style –


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