Frozen Pints

Atlanta has introduced me to a few previously unheard of delicacies such as alligator spring rolls and fried cheesecake. But my best surprise came when I was visiting the local laundrette and discovered a fantastic little bodega with a remarkable selection of quality beers from around the world. They even had refillable growlers. I consider … Continue reading

Fogo Gaucho

Some work buddies took me to dinner at a Gaucho-style Brazilian steakhouse named Fogo de Chao. I’d never done Gaucho before, but I think I heard this word a lot in London and it basically means cowboy in South American. The cocktails were top shelf and the salad bar was exquisite, with salads, veggies and … Continue reading


A few weekends ago, I was a roller skating waitress fighting off zombies with my fellow band of survivors. We were stuck in a prison with zombies in all the nearby rooms. Our mission was simple: kill as many of them as possible and then escape. After searching the rooms for weapons and killing a … Continue reading