A few weekends ago, I was a roller skating waitress fighting off zombies with my fellow band of survivors. We were stuck in a prison with zombies in all the nearby rooms. Our mission was simple: kill as many of them as possible and then escape.

After searching the rooms for weapons and killing a few walkers and berserkers, I was lucky enough to find a .44 Magnum with explosive rounds just in time to take on the dreaded Abomination – a kind of super-fat, tough zombie that was immune to everyone else’s 1 and 2-damage weapons. After dispatching him, one of the other survivors found a chainsaw which allowed him to jump into zombie-infested rooms and swing his weapon around for splendid carnage. From here on, we were set.

Our team’s brilliant piece of strategy involved making noise in the prison so that the zombies outside would all stumble towards a man-trap room which we could lock behind them. By the time we’d located a molotov cocktail and flamethrower, we’d filled our man-trap with some 30+ Walkers, Runners, Berserkers, Toxics, Fatties and Abominations. We opened the security door and one of us unleashed a flamethrower to obliterate them all in 1 turn. It was breathtaking. It literally made us all gasp and sent his kill-meter off the chart.

Once clear of the prison, we were able to run out into the streets and that’s when we realised that we could use cars. Cars moved fast and dealt damage to all nearby zombies, plus passengers could swing and shoot their weapons too. The best move was to find 2 clumps of zombies and then drive forward and backward over the 2 clumps, which resulted in a lot of attack dice and a whole lotta zombicide.

I don’t normally like heavily-themed co-operatives, but this was fabulous. The artwork and unique miniatures were all top-notch. We felt like we were in a real zombie movie, hacking and slashing our way to freedom and fame. Zombie kill of the week? Defo the flamethrower.

My absolute fav zombie movie – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZGLRIOQHOY

One Response to “Zombicide”
  1. sherine says:

    We played City of Horror at Jeff’s and ended up just being a Zombie magnet :( decided if I was going to go down I would take everyone down with me!!:)

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