Frozen Pints

Atlanta has introduced me to a few previously unheard of delicacies such as alligator spring rolls and fried cheesecake. But my best surprise came when I was visiting the local laundrette and discovered a fantastic little bodega with a remarkable selection of quality beers from around the world. They even had refillable growlers. I consider myself a bit of a beer connoisseur and world traveller so I know a tidy selection of brews when I see one, but my mind was blown when I discovered that the freezer contained “frozen pints”. Ice cream made with beer – what a brilliant idea! Apparently the idea came when the inventors were making ice cream at home and accidentally spilled beer into it. Lucky mistake or divine coincidence? Their flavours range from peach lambic to chocolate stout and their flagship vanilla bock is as strong as 3%. They even asked me for my ID at the counter just to buy the ice cream. The best part is that now I can have my beer and eat it too.

Frozen Pints –

2 Responses to “Frozen Pints”
  1. theskychic says:

    That would go well with bacon… darn. :)

  2. kfullwood says:

    Beer connoisseur- love it!

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