L5P Halloween

I was back in Atlanta and, as luck would have it, the Little Five Points Halloween parade was on. It’s one of the country’s biggest so I had to check it out. There were some great costumes and floats but my favourite costume was actually the guy standing right next to me in the crowd. All I could think to say was, “Hey Bruce, nice chainsaw.” His apt response was, “Groovy”.

The parading revellers were all grouped by style, just like the Dragon Con parade 2 months ago. I even saw some of the same costumes from then but there were some really good scary ones this time. The final float was a 10m high operable Godzilla with smoke coming from his mouth. I was so impressed by the efforts of these people in making such elaborate floats and costumes.

Before and after, plenty of wares, foods and drinks were available in little festival booths around the side streets. This is where I first saw and tried alligator spring rolls, which tasted suspiciously the same as greasy vegetable spring rolls masked in hot sauce. People roamed freely around the streets, drinking beers and being merry. It felt like a really nice little community thing that has grown in size and popularity but maintains the charm of a small neighbourhood celebration.

You know you’re in the South when …
– Fried chicken, collard greens, beans and pie are on every menu.

You know you’re in Atlanta when …
– Every restaurant has the latest-model soda machine with 50 different Coke products to choose from.

One Response to “L5P Halloween”
  1. sherine says:

    you are actually making me want to go to altanta!!:)

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