Big Gay Wedding

Two of my favourite NYC friends got married last weekend and this was to be my first ever big gay wedding. From the moment I stepped inside the venue and picked up a flyer detailing the planned events and activities, I knew this was going to be the most fun wedding I’d ever seen. The flyer was like what you’d get at a theme park, with a Disney-style cartoon picture of the couple followed by maps of the 3-floor apartment and descriptions of all the things you could do in each room. There were 2 dinner rooms, the ceremony room, a cocktails station, a 10-min chair massage area, a dance room, a cloakroom and a game show room. What more could you possibly want?

The ceremony itself was far from the usual church-bound affair. This had no fancy wedding parties or delicate flower arrangements. Instead, this one commenced with a jazzy number blasting out of the sound system while the couple came down the stairs, led by 2 feathered Broadway dancer girls. The stage was hand-built by a friend, the officiant was one of their previous bosses and his text was written on an ipod. The formal speech and vows were quite touching and a few tears were shed, but the casual, fun atmosphere prevailed throughout the ceremony. This was immediately followed by a surprise song that Ramon sang and danced for Rob as he instantly transformed himself from a tear jerker to a crowd worker.

The food was from NYC’s Dinosaur BBQ, which is always succulent, meaty and Southern. The cocktails were 2 special recipes chosen by the grooms with the most favoured one being a bourbon lemonade with ritzy, ginger liqueur. The chair massages were performed by a talented Chinese guy who, in just 10 minutes, was able to not only knead out every knot in my back but also tell me what was wrong with my life. The game show room had a host, a projector, buzzers and a computer that was able to do games like wheel of fortune, family feud and double whammy while allowing a whole roomful of onlookers to enjoy/heckle the players’ efforts.

Gay marriage is still a new thing and it will take a while before it’s accepted by everyone. New Jersey only allowed it a few weeks ago and they’re just across the river. The crowd assembled at this wedding was comprised of all types of people that the couple had befriended from all different areas of their life and it was fantastic to see so many different people able to mingle and unite in common celebration and support of their friends’ commitment.

Jon Stewart’s NYC-Chicago beat down –

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  1. kdisleaze says:

    Could I have the telephone number of the Chinese guy?

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