Real big fish

I’ve seen aquariums before but the Georgia Aquarium had a particularly impressive array of animals presented with that special American style of flashy hype. The dolphin show had the usual exciting flips but these Georgian ones were able to moonwalk with just their tails left in the water. There was a pool of slimey coral/rock creatures that were all touchable including sea anemones, starfish and sea slugs. There was a glass dome that you could crawl to and pop your head up right in the middle of the penguins’ local hangout spot. Another touching pond had little stingrays that seemed to love people touching them because they kept trying to climb the walls towards whoever was patting them. I got to see my first sea horse and some beautiful, glowing, orange jellyfish which made a spectacular backdrop for a bride’s photo shoot.

The most exciting part was probably the ocean section which included a whale shark, manta rays and other big creatures gliding past while we walked in a glass tunnel that went through the large tank. The tunnel even had a travellator on the floor so that the Yanks didn’t have to burn any precious calories while they were gaping in all directions. The fish moved with quite a purpose – some slow and some fast but all with a steely resolve to swim themselves around the tank one more time than they had achieved on the previous day.


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