Strife of Pie

In case you missed it, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show ripped a new one on Chicago’s style of deep dish pizza a few weeks ago, causing an interstate feud that made all the headlines. A few days later, he made peace with the windy city by eating (and enjoying) a slice of Lou Malnati’s famous deep dish, thus uniting the two great metropoles against a common enemy: California-style pizza. I do really like NY pizza so I figured that I should try this hotly debated Chicago-style for myself.

I was terribly skeptical of the “deep dish”, but after trying a personal classic Chicago pizza at Uno Chicago Grill I had to agree with Jon that it was actually quite tasty. The shape resembled one of Mrs Lovett’s pork pies and the dimensions were comparable to an above-ground swimming pool that I grew up with, but these alarming traits were swept aside as my teeth dived into it and came up doused in marinara. The dough was delicious but I can imagine how the thickness of cheese and ingredients could easily lead to a sickly, fatty mess, if prepared by the wrong hands.

In Australia, pizza is usually thick crust (not ridiculously thick like Chicago, just normally thick), plied thickly with toppings and covered in seeping grease that somehow even manages to comes from inside the dough. It’s quite an achievement of nastiness. Italian pizza has thin, delicious dough with only a sprinkling of basic ingredients and cheese atop which, for the first time in my life, made pizza feel decidedly gourmet rather than like the kind of junk food that could fuel a mutant turtle. New York has thin crust and sparse ingredients, like Italy, but they still use too much greasy meat and cheese and their slices are sized as big as their attitudes, which is a bit unnecessary.

I disagree with Jon on his olive branch, though. I’ve been to Naples and drunk from the source, but even compared to that I think Californian pizza is wonderful – thin like NY & Italy but gourmet and healthy like I’ve only seen in Europe. Add to that a myriad of zazzy, modern ingredients like caramelised onion, goat cheese, and duck confit and you’ve got the best of both the old and new worlds combined. Speaking of which, I’m considering visiting California Pizza Kitchen for my 3rd time in as many weeks. Yum.

Jon Stewart pizza rant –
Jon Stewart embraces Chicago-style –

2 Responses to “Strife of Pie”
  1. K says:

    I miss Italian pizza, when I’m over visiting my parents we get pizza for breakfast from the market. The last one I had was just plain dough with oil, salt and chilli, it’s sounds really plain, but it was amazing!

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