Jewish Flicks

Two weekends ago, I decided to try out the New York Jewish Film Festival at the Lincoln Center. Rather than commit to some random, long, unknown movie, I went to a session of 4 short films. Shorts are more rewarding anyway – they don’t have time and budgets to waste so they stick to the point and keep things simple.

I found these short, Jewish films to be an absolute breath of fresh air; so different from the mainstream, Hollywood crap. These were simple and subtle with no money wasted on flashy effects, scenery or actors. Instead of blowing my mind with an overt plot and head-on action, they focused on basic human interactions that left me pondering my self and my beliefs. They invoked in me the kind of response that real art should, to cause reflection about one’s self and one’s world.

My favourite was ‘Aya’. Aya was an Israeli woman who was waiting for a friend at the airport when she was asked to hold a limo driver’s sign while he took a toilet break. Naturally, the customer arrived and thought Aya was the real driver so she awkwardly went along with the mix-up and drove him to Jerusalem in her own car. As they chatted for a few hours during their road trip, she eventually fessed up to the truth and this opened them both up to a strangely intimate yet alien friendship. After she delivered him to his destination and the moment was over, she went back to the completely normal family life which she’d temporarily abandoned to take this spontaneous excursion. Why did she do it? We’ll never know. I still can’t quite figure Aya out and that is why it sticks with me …

My fav video right now is Wrecking Ball on Chatroulette –

2 Responses to “Jewish Flicks”
  1. sherine says:

    Did you ever go to Flickerfest in Bondi – your post reminds me of that..:)

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