Big chill

When I rented my car for my New Jersey customer in November, it came with a little wooden snow brush with ice scraper attached. At the time, I scoffed, thinking we’d never have enough snow to actually warrant it’s use, but lo this little fellow has been a stalwart ally during this aggressively snowy season. For the first time in my life, I’ve had to deal with snow long enough for it to become a nuisance, rather than solely a super happy fun time novelty.

I’ve definitely been a slow learner. The first time snow came, I took no preparations and my wipers ended up freezing to the glass. The second time, I didn’t bother to brush any of the snow away and, when I opened my car door, snow fell in all over my seat. Other times, I’ve stomped around my car brushing furiously only to realise that half of the snow had accumulated in my shoes. I’ve spent many nights with the hair dryer blowing into my soggy shoes. The worst morning was last week when snow hit so fast that, before anybody could clear any roads, more than a foot had smothered everything. I hastily trudged through this snow in my flimsy work shoes and skidded my way to work only to discover that the office had been announced closed and everybody else had remained snuggly and safely at home.

Living with snow on a daily basis has definitely been a learning curve for this poor Queenslander, but I’ve gradually become accustomed to all the tricks of the natives. When the so-called “polar vortex” took snow all the way down to Texas, even I giggled as I thought of all the cowboys slipping and sliding. Meanwhile, the post-apocalyptic scene in Raleigh, North Carolina was comical.

Back in NYC, I’ve taken to running along the icy footpath by the Hudson which has provided a stunning view of small icebergs. Throughout the city are piles of snow, pushed aside by snow plows, which have then gradually become more and more black and yellow for obvious reasons.


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