Street Fair Greed

I’d just finished my half-hour weekend run, feeling a little tired and sweaty, when I was unwittingly lured into a random street fair by the kind of sign that makes women shave their heads and fathers sell their daughters – free ice cream. Not just any ice cream, either, but delicious Ben and Jerry’s. It was some kind of mini culture fair but who cares, I got free ice cream. Then I promptly went home for a shower and dragged my friend back for another free ice cream. Sure, it was somewhere below 10 degrees Celsius but one doesn’t argue with free ice cream.

At the fair, there was plenty of food vans and some kind of anti-political-greed incredible machine that took your $1 bill through a kind of roller coaster before stamping it with an anti-bribery slogan. It was sponsored by Ben & Jerry, which probably explains the free ice cream. See the Amend-O-Matic here –

There was also a neat little sculpture, atop a car, depicting the famous NYC photo “Lunch atop a skyscraper”. Apart from the free ice cream, this was my favourite part –


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