Red Cadillac

On the back-roads of New Jersey, I found an little gem of a Mexican restaurant/lounge, known as the Red Cadillac. It is named after the stylish car that the owner displays out the front, which provided the inspiration for everything inside the restaurant. The waiters and waitresses wear mechanics’ outfits, the water jugs are jerrycans, every decoration is some kind of car part and the decor is all red.

It wasn’t just about the look though; the food was some of the best Mexican street fare I’ve had. I sank my teeth into jalapeno guacamole, sizzling lime fajitas, and a Royal Chrome Margarita. Even the fried ice cream was amazing and decidedly unlike the fatty “delicacy” we’ve all seen in Chinese restaurants. It’s hard to describe just how tasty and cool this place was.

2 Responses to “Red Cadillac”
  1. Scott Ramsay says:

    Frozen ice cream??? Isn’t that the idea.

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