No Soup Nazi for me

I never realised that the Soup Nazi (from the famed Sienfeld episode) was a real “thing” until I bumped into his shop in NYC, the other day. I did a little research at home to make sure it was legit (and to make sure that I clearly understood the 3 rules of ordering) before I headed down for my soup. The Soup Nazi character was indeed based on a real man and shop in NYC, but the real Soup Nazi is called Ali “Al” Yeganeh. Apparently he has never embraced his alter ago, nor admitted the success that it brought him. I dutifully followed the 3 rules of ordering before taking my delicious, delicious soup away for lunch. In fact I had a different flavour 3 days in a row and it was amazing each time. And I don’t even like soup! The nicest part was that, even though this hearty soup cost a whopping $8, it came with some nice crusty bread, a piece of fresh fruit, and a Lindt chocolate ball. What a nice gesture. I guess he wasn’t such a Nazi after all.

Soup Nazi Best Bits –
Al’s original 3 rules –

You know you’re in America when…
– You’re on the loo, doing a number 2, and you accidentally put your hand in the water because the water-level is outrageously high.

2 Responses to “No Soup Nazi for me”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    That’s hilarious! You are right about ‘bathroom’ antics in the US, I didn’t like the experience at all, esp the gaps in the toilet doors – what’s that all about?

    • Nato says:

      Yeah you’re right. The gaps at the hinges and also the large gap at the bottom. I don’t want to see how manly and wide that man’s stance is.

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