You Bred Raptors?

Last week, I got to see a local NYC band that I’ve been dying to see. You Bred Raptors? is a 3-man instrumental band that comprises of only percussion, cello and bass. They have a weird fixation on dinosaurs, always perform in a variety of masks, and have a staunch commitment to playing in the NYC underground, where they were born.

I first heard them in the subway, in 2012. I was waiting for a train when I heard a cello violently strumming the Night Rider theme. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, but the wonderfully nostalgic and geeky tune filled the platform that I was on. As I sat there, waiting for my train, they progressed to their next song, which was the Terminator 2 theme. At this point, I just had to go and locate the source, so I went walking along the platform and up the stairs to search the whole station until I found them. And that’s when I saw the 3 Raptors, playing in white doll masks. Rumour has it that they were born this way.

I’ve been cyber-stalking them ever since, but my travel plans rarely intersected with their reptilian migrations … until now. The venue for this recent Friday night was a small pub in Queens that puts an effort into supporting craft beers/microbreweries – my favourite. The menu for the night was interesting (and a bit wanky/hipster) in that it comprised of a “beer pairing”. This meant that 5 beers were apparently pre-selected to match the 8-10 songs that the Raptors played throughout their set. At last, beer guzzlers like me can feel like toffs, because we can listen to masked instrumentalists while sipping a timely draught that was brewed in honour of our ears and the delight that they’d be witnessing right at this very moment in time and space. And thus, with the deft tones of extinct mating rituals in our ears and the sloshing scent of fine sap in our bellies, we absorbed this night of feasts and wandered off to find a leathery wing home.


2 Responses to “You Bred Raptors?”
  1. Maurice Amon says:

    I love Crescent & Vine! Best beer list in Queens, hands down!

  2. Maurice Amon says:

    Reblogged this on Maurice Amon and commented:
    Wish I’d seen this band at Crescent & Vine!

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