Beavers and curds in my way

While in Montreal, I made a concerted effort to seek out the stuff that locals eat, which of course is poutine – it was invented in Quebec, after all. I came in thinking that poutine was simply chips and gravy, but this was a gross underestimation. For a start, poutine usually comes with squeaky cheese curds – the gayest cheese, according to Colbert. Chips, gravy, and curds are the basics, but it seems that Canadians are willing to put anything on top of that – veggies, Mexican stuff, Greek stuff, smoked meats, fried eggs, small children.

The other fun food that I discovered was BeaverTails. They’re flat, stiff plates of fried dough that are a sort of takeaway dessert, like doughnuts. Just like poutine, it’s an excuse to put any kind of topping you can imagine on top – cookies and cream, peanut butter and choc-chips, bananas and whipped cream. It’s more of a winter comfort-food, but I scoured the touristy strips until I found one to sink my teeth into.

With so much poutine and BeaverTails flowing freely, it’s a wonder the locals manage to stay so healthy.

Colbert’s squeaky, gay cheese –

One Response to “Beavers and curds in my way”
  1. sherine says:

    Had to google a pic of poutine …wow….wow….the beavertails look pretty hardcore too!

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