Cape Cod’s sand scam

Some Yankee friends of mine got married on the beach in Wellfleet, MA, which turned out to be a great place to lure a whole wedding party and let them frolic. For me, this was the perfect opportunity to check out Cape Cod, which I’d heard such nice things about. Indeed, it was very pretty and a great spot to spend a weekend. There were cute little towns and the bay made for some nice, sheltered sailing spots as well as an over abundance of seafood restaurants. The area seemed to have an unnerving, Danish-level obsession for bike riding. These bi-pedalled enthusiasts littered the highways and swarmed over the smaller towns’ narrow streets and one-way lanes (going the wrong way of course and nearly causing accidents).

My one major beef was that the sand wasn’t free. They’d literally fenced off the whole peninsula so that you were forced to pay to park in one of the designated car parks that had access to small, restricted portions of beach. I’d travelled for hours to see this little sandy piece of God’s nature and they were trying to make me pay for it. This is how Australians feel when they arrive in London and realise that free-to-air TV isn’t free. In my homeland, the beach is free, but I guess in this country where everything can be bought and sold, even sand has a price.

2 Responses to “Cape Cod’s sand scam”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    I loved Cape Cod when I went there, such a pretty place, I got the ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard as well! :)

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