The cupcake had bacon

We all know that Americans are mad about bacon. Many earthlings enjoy bacon but being American is all about being big and extreme. You can’t just like something here; you have to love it with all your heart and make a statement about it. You have to put it in a can, buy it in bulk, pour chocolate on it and eat it on top of everything. You have to buy t-shirts about it and make your children wear them. This same fanaticism that you see Americans exude in sport, politics and war also applies to their favourite food. There’s even a term for it – bacon mania.

And so it came to pass that I agreed to try a maple bacon cupcake, to trial a bit of this culture of madness. It wasn’t particularly awful. The tastes didn’t exactly complement each other but they weren’t as vile as I’d expected. It just tasted like a nice, sweet cupcake with a tasty bit of crispy bacon on top.

Bacon mania –

Did I mention that, while eating this crazy treat I was winning the US National Carcassonne tournament? This may sound impressive but, in reality, I just beat a few local Jersey folk at my favourite board game. They never stood a chance but hey, I’ll take the title.

3 Responses to “The cupcake had bacon”
  1. Hungrycookie says:

    Its also why theyre so big lol.

  2. sherine says:

    carc national champion?!? Now that’s to be added on your cv!:)
    In terms of bacon and baked good – lloyd has ordered A custard slice and a slice of bacon to combine – perhaps he is actually American…
    Missing hanging out :)

  3. Nato says:

    That guy always was a bit suss.

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