Cheese’s Christ

East Village Cheese Shop, in NYC, is famous for its array of ridiculously cheap cheeses and its tacky paper prices covering the front window. It’s cash-only and crammed floor to ceiling with cheese, bread, crackers, olives and many other random party goodies. Apparently they just buy in bulk whatever happens to be cheapest from various places around the world, so their offering is quite unpredictable. As expected, they’re known for bending the rules on expiration dates, but I figure that cheese is already mouldy so what’s the difference.

I scored a sampler platter for $1.50 and there was enough cheese on it to count as a whole dinner for a friend and me. Now that’s a good deal. So, predictably, we went back and grabbed 4 more of the platters the next day. Apparently cheese is quite expensive in NYC so this little gem has been the saviour of many a house party and outdoor cinema picnic.

On another note, here’s some fantastic little cartoons about how to behave correctly in New York.
NYC basic tips and etiquette –


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