Coney Island Baby

A few weeks ago, I decided to hang out at the closest beach that New Yorkers can reach by the subway, Coney Island (which by the way is false advertising because it’s a peninsula, not an island). I’d visited Coney Island before for special events like the hotdog eating championship, the mermaid parade and roller derby, but I’d never actually taken the time to check out the beach and amusement area. I prefer my beaches naked and beautiful but it was interesting to check it out and see how similar it was to the quintessential beach town in the UK, complete with a pier, carnival rides, junk food and tourist traps everywhere.

I performed my tourist duties by wolfing down a Nathan’s chili dog, then my first ever corn dog (which turned out to be the same as a Dagwood Dog in Australia). To walk off the dogs, I strolled along the long, wooden boardwalk and made my way to the Freak Show. The more memorable acts included a tall but malleable woman, a sleek albino Burmese python, and a little man that hammered nails into his nose. It was almost as good as a Dagwood Dog.

My final stop was at the famous (and world’s first) Luna Park. I’d been to Luna Park in Melbourne and Sydney and this was pretty similar with over-the-top salesmanship by the carnies and plenty of old, ricketty rides with strange names like Dazzler and Hurricane. The whole experience was like going back in time to do what my grandparents probably considered the peak of excitement in their day. In other words, it was probably like a teen today playing an old school Nintendo.

Teens react to Nintendo –

Improv Everywhere’s Black Tie Beach 2014 –

Coney Island Baby –

2 Responses to “Coney Island Baby”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    I remember going for a gaunt down to Coney Island, but it was completely dead! I wonder if it shut down for a time over the late 90s? I never thought of going to a beach in/near NYC when I was there, but my friends (with cars) did go to some and said they were really nice, I’ll like to hear if you go to a naked one! ;)

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