The Last Ship sailed

Recently, I spotted in a magazine that Sting had written a musical named ‘The Last Ship’ which was opening on Broadway soon.  I sampled his soundtrack on Spotify, which sounds nothing like his popular 80s music, but is instead full of mellow, shipyard ditties in his natural, northern accent.  I fell in love with it immediately and, after playing it a few times, determined to go see the musical and try for a rush ticket.

Rush is the best way for locals to see Broadway shows.  It means you arrive early and put your name in a barrel to win decent seats at a fraction of the cost of normal seats.  I ended up with a seat smack bang in the middle of the front row for $30!  Unfortunately for Sting, my most distracting and memorable part was in the opening scene when the tough kid on stage flicked his cigarette into “the sea” but it missed and went into the lap of the guy beside me who had to jump and scurry to keep from burning his wood.

The Last Ship was loosely based on Sting’s life, as he left home to discover the world rather than wear his father’s boots and build ships in Newcastle.  When the main character finally returns home after 15 years, he has to deal with his scorned girlfriend, his newly discovered son and his town’s fight to keep a dying shipyard afloat.  It was nostalgic and a good yarn for the working class spirit.  My favourite song was about the young man learning to dance with a broomstick by transferring his boxing skills into the kind of fancy footwork that would make a woman swoon.

The stage had a 10+ metre high metal wall, full of bolts and ladders like the outside of a real ship’s hull.  It looked so good that it had a copyright, which I discovered when the usher started waving his arms frantically in front of me as I took my photo.

Sting’s soundtrack –

2 Responses to “The Last Ship sailed”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    That sounds really interesting, I wonder if it’ll come to London?

  2. Nato says:

    I’d hope so. I think your people would identify with it a lot more. Maybe USA is the guinea pig. I’m sure most Yanks would have trouble understanding some of their speech coz they were very Geordie.

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