Sunrise at the summit

I spent Xmas back home in Gold Coast, Australia, which was a nice time of catching up with my family and my home town.  I decided to attempt an old challenge and try my luck at Mt Warning, which is a 3100 ft high mountain that’s quite near our mainland’s most easterly point, Byron Bay.  The best way to see it is by sunrise and indeed it’s the first part of the mainland that catches the sun.

I left home at midnight and arrived at the base many hours before sunrise.  The walk itself was about 4 hours in pitch dark.  Clever people had brought head lamps but I had a tiny torch which was just enough to see a few steps ahead but not the head-level branches that I ran into.  The last hour or so involves climbing up a rocky area that is so steep that there’s a chain to help you pull yourself up.

Seeing the sunrise from the top made it all worth the effort, though.  As I walked around the viewing platforms with the 30+ other tourists, I witnessed strewn rose petals, champagne,  a violin overture and people dressed in swanky, formal attire.  Eventually I realised that romance was afoot and it turns out that 2 lucky ladies got proposed to.  It was certainly a nice gesture but I wonder how impressed the girls were to be made the centre of attention while feeling exhausted and sweaty from their climb.  In any case, it was nice to see the mountain again and to prove that I’m not just a white-collar office boy.

2 Responses to “Sunrise at the summit”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    What a great experience, it’s such a shame though that you only took a photo of yourself looking like a gimp!

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