To catch an emu

I took my twin’s kids to the local wildlife park, Currumbin Sanctuary, and we had a blast seeing all the natives.  We cuddled a koala and watched them sleepily eat eucalyptus for breakfast.  We fed plates of milky stuff to screeching, messy lorikeets.  We patted lounging kangaroos who were thoroughly uninterested in our affections or the food pellets that we placed right under their noses.  Thinking back, a lot of these activities involved us feeding the animals, sort of like a sweatshop for tourists.

We also stumbled upon an emu who had either escaped his enclosure or was perhaps a well-behaved fellow with roaming privileges.  We tried the bicycle leg trick but the emu didn’t seem particularly bothered.  The thing that really made it come running was when someone held on the water fountain.  It turns out this emu had a penchant for bubblers.

Naturally, we ate vegemite sandwiches for lunch and stopped for a swim at the local creek on the way home.  That’s how we roll in Straya.

Emu bicycle-leg trick –

You know you’re in Australia when…
– You pause to consider sunscreen before taking a 5 minute walk outside.


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