The art of the beer dinner

Last month, I attended an artisanal beer night at my favorite pub in the downtown Albany area, City Beer Hall. This pub has an ever-changing selection of interesting beers from around the country so I was keen to see what they would produce for a night like this. They’d arranged the tables to make a single, giant table, so that we could all share the candlelit experience like a bunch of long-lost relatives at an extended-family Christmas dinner. We made small talk to our respective neighbours as the host introduced each fancy dish and paired beer. The dishes were delicately layered, fancifully complex and far beyond my powers of discernment. I couldn’t even pronounce half of the ingredients but they were all delicious – even the duck hearts. The beers were just as interesting and belonged to rare brews that I’ll probably never be able to find again. It was nice to be with people who appreciated good beer and it was nicer still to feel like I was some kind of pioneer into the rare and wonderful beers that can be found off the beaten track. When you find that rare beauty and sip it while thoughtfully chewing on a tasty morsel … that is the art of the beer dinner.

For a full description of each dish and beer, see this blog –

Spot me in the photos of this other blog –


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