Jess and Mikey sitting in a tree

My board gaming buddies, Jess and Mike, got married a few weeks ago. They both love board gaming heaps so this influenced many aspects of the day, without making it look silly. Our seating nametags were little toys with our nicknames attached, the party favours were custom-made dice, and each table’s flower arrangement was in a wooden planter decorated with hand-drawn board-game artwork. If I had a house, I’d have taken every single one home with me.

Mike is a stage carpenter, so he’d brought all of the materials necessary to build himself a Jewish chuppah, which is like a canopy or pergola that you get married under. Just a few hours before the ceremony, he was frantically assembling and drilling pieces of wood to put it all together, while I gave my feeble assistance by holding beams in place. It felt pretty manly and self-sufficient to construct a canopy from scratch just before a wedding.

I’d never seen a Jewish wedding before so it was interesting to see a few of their traditions. They stomped on a glass wrapped in a serviette, they mixed red and white wine in the same glass, they made their family dance in big, spinning circles, and they lifted the bride and groom up and down upon their chairs in a fun yet totally dangerous-looking way. The venue was in a Connecticut castle, too, so everything looked really impressive. At the end of the night, we all farewelled the couple and made a human tunnel of love while waving sparklers in the brisk night air. Well played, Mike & Jess.

One Response to “Jess and Mikey sitting in a tree”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    What a beautiful venue and great for you with all the gaming touches! :)

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