Fight like a German

Some friends invited me to try a German Longsword introductory class in the city for $10.  How could I say no?  It was really interesting but thoroughly awkward trying to follow the prescribed forms and positions that we were taught.  The sword was lighter than I’d imagined but that didn’t make it any less weird to wield.  It was a two-handed sword so I felt like the badass knights in Game of Thrones who don’t carry a shield because they’re too cool.  The last move was great because he showed us how to quickly reverse a block into a counter-attack that would chop the other guy’s head off.  In fact, he made it blatantly clear that the whole purpose of this art was to try and knock the other guy’s head off.  I appreciated that he didn’t try to make it sound somehow environmentally friendly or socially conscientious.  I won’t take any further classes, but at least I know that when the zombie apocalypse happens, I’ll be slightly more prepared.  (Hint: Modern tactics and technology won’t work; we’ll need medieval weapons and walls; Britain will thrive again.)

Americans say the darndest things:
– A “pizza” is … hard to define, a “slice” is a slice of a pizza, a “pie” is the whole pizza, and a “pizza pie” is seemingly redundant.

2 Responses to “Fight like a German”
  1. sherine says:

    you are only tiny step from Larping:)

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