The little French lady

My folks came to NYC so we did the most touristy thing we could think of and visited the Statue of Liberty.  She seems small when gazing from a boat, but up-close she’s a monster with surprisingly manly toes and facial features.  I loved her flowing robes, which looked so natural that it seemed more like canvas than copper.

The most surprising thing I learned was that the statue was actually a gift from the French people, not the French government.  They distributed little collection bins in supermarkets around the whole country and everyone contributed, even school kids.  Similarly, Americans chipped in to fund the pedestal, which is almost as tall as the lady herself.  This statue truly is the result of 2 whole nations holding hands, not just their politicians.  What a sweet notion.  The French wanted to praise America for embodying the true freedom and ideals that France aspires to.  I wonder if they still feel the same way today…

You know you’re in USA when…
– Every restaurant bathroom has a conspicuous sign reminding us that “employees must wash hands”.  Why do they need reminding?

2 Responses to “The little French lady”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    My old work!!!!! I used to eat lunch on the bench near where you are standing and stare at her ass every day! ;)

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