If the lava don’t getcha the water will

After my folks visited NYC, we all went to Guatemala for a week to chillax by Lago de Atitlan.  You can’t get much more relaxing than a nature hotel on a central American lake that is surrounded by volcanoes.

Most of the towns around the lake seemed to have no other way in or out other than via a ferry.  The locals didn’t seem to use the lake for anything more than transport so there was no sailing and not much fishing.

The most bizarre thing about this lake is that the water-level randomly changes over the years.  Just below the surface, I saw the roofs of small houses which had been on the shoreline a mere 20 years ago.  I didn’t believe what they were until I saw a magazine photo of my own hotel looking at least 2 metres more than its current height above the water.  It’s strange to think that the local people originally chose to settle here, presumably, to be near a useful lake, but in doing so they had to deal with lava and waters that both occasionally swallowed their towns.

The rising water levels – https://blogs.denison.edu/geosciences/2011/12/06/rising-waters-at-lake-atitlan/

You know you’re in Guatemala when…
– Every second house has a missing roof and exposed rebar because you don’t get taxed on an unfinished house.


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