La House of Ron

When it comes to spirits, I enjoy a rum and coke as much as the next man. Rum is my preferred spirit but I’m far from a connoisseur and I don’t really even like it straight. I’m the kind of guy that probably doesn’t belong in Antigua’s famed House of Rum, but destiny had plans for me the day that I wandered into this esteemed Casa. After a small tour of their gorgeous cellar and an informative discussion about how Zacapa is made (punctuated by guesstures and Spanglish-isms), Pop and I were ushered towards the bar for a proper fancy libation. This is how it went…

The bartender spent a good minute spinning one large ice cube round and round the side of the glass, presumably to chill the glass. He poured a generous amount of rum and added only a single, large ice cube, explaining that one cube has the perfect surface area to keep the rum slightly cool but not watery. He twisted the invisible scent of an orange peel into the glass and then left it on the rim where our nose would pass by on it’s rum-bound journey. It was impossible not to be impressed with this luxurious presentation and it tasted superb. My Dad and I were so ethralled that we convinced ourselves we each needed to take a bottle of Ron Zacapa home with us, including souvenor glasses. Pouring it into Coke would be a sacrilege so I now sip one at home every Friday night as I ponder whatever an average James Bond villain ponders.

Ron Zacapa is quite highly rearded and, yes, that straw band around the mid-section is woven by real Mayans, in the misty peaks of Guatemala’s volcanoes –


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