Anything But Standard

Some weeks ago, I made the kind of journey that conjures fear and loathing in every real New Yorker.  No, it wasn’t New Jersey, but it was just as bad – Staten Island.  I didn’t just dip my toe off the ferry either, I went all the way and touched it with both feet.  My purpose was to visit the Standard Burger, which I saw on a reality TV show and which was also recently voted the #1 burger in NYC.  I love burgers and this #1 rating was the tipping point for me so I called up a Staten Island buddy and we trekked down into the depths of this uncharted wasteland of suburbia to a neighbourhood named Great Kills.  See, they’re not even trying to hide it.

After a lengthy trip on their subway (who knew they had the technology?) we gorged ourselves on a gourmet burger, a swathe of fries, a cake shake and a couple of cheekies.  The meal oozed flavours and my pants oozed belly.  The whole experience was divine.  I think it’s my new favourite burger, unseating the White Swan in London.  The restaurant was a nice hangout and I even spotted all 5 of the owners that I recognised from the TV show.  If it hadn’t taken me 3.5 hours to get there, I’d be inclined to do it again.

An Australian in New York…
– You know those night when you fry some dumplings, you realise there’s no soy sauce, and you synthesise some out of Vegemite, honey and marjoram? Me too!

Standard Burger on The Profit –
Battle of the Burger trophy –

One Response to “Anything But Standard”
  1. Joe Covello says:

    Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the love ✌️❤️🍔

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