Slots-A-Fun in Sin City

The Las Vegas strip sure is glitzy, but my companion and I were struck by how flat and empty most of the city looks.  It really does feel like a fake town built right in the middle of the desert.  You can see desert landscapes around every corner and there’s even large blocks of dusty land near some of the casinos on the strip.

Vegas, more than any other part of America (yes, even you, Texas) embodies that truly American spirit of “go big or go home”.  Every decent casino has a huge facade with a blatant, colourful theme.  There’s smaller casinos too but they just get lost behind the neon and flashy appeal of the big ones.  Drinking is allowed anywhere, and herds of younglings can be seen trudging down the streets at all hours with booze-laden slushies in plastic, 2-liter yard glasses.

We passed scores of wedding chapels and Elvis impersonators.  The most crazy thing we did was watch the ridiculously messy Evil Dead musical and sit in the splatter zone, which resulted in bucket loads of warm, red, cherry-flavoured liquid being squirted at us.

We’re not big gamblers, but craps was the game that we decided we needed to try because it looks so exciting in the movies and the odds are pretty fair.  We studied a few online tutorials and practised how to place Odds and Come Bets.  When the moment came, I splashed $60 down on the table and we followed our carefully agreed, strategically sound plan.  What we didn’t plan on was my friend’s ability to bounce the dice over the game’s walls and across the room, sending suited gentlemen scurrying.  Then she did it again.  And again.  Laughing and apologies aside, the dice quickly did their job and very unstatistically lost all of our money.  But that, of course, is the point of gambling.

Would I go back to Vegas?  The odds are good.

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