Paint and Jrink

My companion and I had never heard of painting and drinking classes, but when we saw one in New Orleans it just made so much sense to put the two together.  It was pretty easy, too.  All we had to do was sit on a chair with 7 other chilled out amateurs and follow the loose guidance of the resident teacher.  He’d already traced the outline of the Fleur-de-Lys for us and prepared our palettes (aka paper plates) with a rainbow of colours.  We just had to sit back, paint, and jrink.

I brought a fine porter for the occasion and my companion brought a port wine.  I spilled a little of my porter and attempted to paint with it on the corner of my canvas, but gravity wasn’t playing along, so I switched back to regular paint.

We practised mixing colours to make new colours, and tried various brush strokes for different effects.  Gradually we coloured our background and then worked on the flower itself.  It was really weird to see how 9 people interpreted and imagined the exact same painting in 9 completely different ways.

I was pretty happy with both of our masterpieces.  We loved the relaxed, no-pressure vibe that was created simply by the addition of alcohol.  It felt like being back in pre-school again, finger painting with no inhibitions and an irresistible urge to believe in our own creative genius.

We didn’t really want to take them home on the airplane, so we ended up leaving them discreetly at a house and a restaurant, which is probably a regular occurrence around that neighbourhood.


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