Small Imperial Shuttle

While I was in Europe with my companion, we headed over to the UK to meet a few of my old friends for some jolly, dapper, English cottage board gaming in Biddenden.  Driving a French car on British roads proved surprisingly easy until the sun set and the country lanes became progressively thinner, with local drivers hooning along them like nobody’s business.

We stopped briefly to don our prepared Star Wars onesies and then continued with our plotted course, determined to stay on target.  Once the GPS sensed that we were within 5 miles of our destination, it refused to be of any specific help, so we simply had to pick the most likely looking farmhouse and hope that it was the correct farmhouse.  It wasn’t.  The owners must have been a little baffled as a little Darth Vader, guarded by a handsome Storm Trooper, marched down their footpath to ask for directions.  They convinced us that this wasn’t the farmhouse we were looking for, so we stifled our giggles and shuttled to the next house to surprise our friends with our cool outfits.  As it turns out, one of them had a red onesie too, and they were all wearing slippers.  For some bizarre reason (perhaps they’re all getting old or this is a new fad sweeping the nation) they all wore slippers and talked incessantly about where to buy the cheapest, best, fluffetty puffetty slippers.  Nation of shopkeepers, indeed.

Little Darth Vader commercial –

3 Responses to “Small Imperial Shuttle”
  1. sherine says:

    think it’s just everyone getting old and realising the importance of warm feet:)

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