Master of Macabre

I’m no literary buff but when I realised that I was near the Edgar Allan Poe house in Richmond, Virginia, I figured I should have a sticky.  I read ‘The Raven’ to myself first to get into the mood of course, because it was the only one of his works that I actually knew (and I’m ashamed to say that this is only because of The Simpsons).

The house was informative and a bit creepy, and gave me a real appreciation for who he was.  For instance, I learned that he was a literary ancestor of horror (Lovecraft), sci-fi (Wells/Verne), and detective fiction (e.g. Sherlock Holmes).  It startled me that an American from nearly 200 years ago could be such a literary force.  I’ve now read all of his best works and they’re wonderfully mysterious and macabre in a hack-your-mother’s-arm-off-then-eat-your-breakfast kind of way.

It was quite fitting that the house had 2 resident black cats, fittingly named Edgar and Pluto.  Fortunately, they had both of their eyes.

The Raven on The Simpsons –

Quoth the server, 404 –

Extraordinary Tales –

2 Responses to “Master of Macabre”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    I’ve always been interested in going to Richmond Virginia as living in Richmond London I’m always getting the Virginia search results on Google!!!! ;)

    Thanks for the heads up with Edgar, I’ve never read any of his works either, I’ll need to check him out!

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