The Twin Towers started here

Colonial Williamsburg (the one in Virginia, not the one with all the moustache wax, skinny jeans and bow ties) copped some flack recently when they streamed historic scenes of America in their Superbowl ad and included footage of the Twin Towers falling down.  People got offended because … well … hmmm … that’s what people like to do these days.  I think the clip was quite fitting and respectful, though I was a little bewildered by their claim that “it started here”, when clearly a more accurate statement would be, “it started over there”.  (Jamestowne, the first British colony in ‘Murica, is just a hearty jog away from Williamsburg.)

I was in the area recently, so I decided to pop in and see what all the fuss was about.  There’s one long, main street which is outfitted with taverns, stables, a boot maker, a wiggery and many other fine purveyors of lost crafts.  The numerous taverns served old-style foods and featured waitresses wearing bonnets and frills, while fiddlers played nearby.  There were plenty of places to buy touristy crap like soap, old hats, muskets, and uniforms.  I looked on in disgust while I stuck my head in the stocks.

It was a predictable mix of a tourist trap and legitimate historical site, but I have to applaud them for their success in conserving such a large area, with many of the original cottages and buildings still standing.  It’s nice to see that this country didn’t let everything fall down.

Superbowl ad –

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2 Responses to “The Twin Towers started here”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    When I first saw this on my phone (without the photo) I thought you were talking about Williamsburg Brooklyn, and I was like, I don’t remember seeing a street with a tavern and a stable!!!!

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