Office Space prank

I was working with a really friendly team in Baltimore and one of them had to take a few weeks off for hip surgery.  This is how they welcomed him home…

His cubicle was filled with 900 balloons, blown up by an army of jokers.  They had to surround the cubicle in plastic sheets to hold them all in.  A few balloons were filled with glitter, to be extra mean.  Posters on the wall showed his face stuck onto Kenny G, whom he hates, while others showed Trump, stating his promise to “make Dave great again”.  A few big ballons played annoying songs and had “welcome back” messages.  A blow-up cane was hung at the entrance reading, “over the hill”.  A GoPro camera was affixed to the ceiling to capture the whole moment.  Best of all, a fake email and phone call was sent to him by the building manager stating that there was a power outage until 9am, to prevent him coming in at his usual early time and doging an audience.

This is my kind of prank.  100% commitment and unavoidable havoc.

Office Space trailer –

3 Responses to “Office Space prank”
  1. Scott says:

    Where’s the GoPro footage?

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