Fight at a Missy Higgins concert

Missy Higgins is a folk singer from Australia whose earthy, simple and deep music I enjoy.  She recently came to NYC to play at Rough Trade NYC, which is some kind of huge, hip record store from London with a nice stage out the back that is perfect for an intimate concert.

Predictably, half the room was Aussie.  Missy was the epitome of cool as she swapped between guitar and piano and a ukulele which she’d bought down the road a few days prior.  She sounded just as good as her studio albums and she did a great job of conversing with the crowd and occasionally entertaining the whims of a few shouters.

At some point, a scuffle broke out in the middle of the crowd, with one woman being angry and pushy at all the people around her.  Missy stopped playing and said something like, “What’s going on, I’m trying to sing an emotional song here.  Who would have expected a fight at a Missy Higgins concert?  That so rock ‘n roll.”  It certainly seemed to soothe the beligerents and that’s when we loved her for being so chill and cheery.

Missy playlist –


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