The Little Red Lighthouse That Could

A few weeks ago, the Little Red Lighthouse had an open day.  Open Days are a New York thing where they open private buildings to the public to take a squiz inside.

The lighthouse itself wasn’t much more than a steel shell with a winding staircase, but it was interesting to hear the history and see the numbering where they’d pulled it apart piece-by-piece in New Jersey and reassembled it up here.  It apparently became obsolete only 10 years later, when the George Washington Bridge was built overhead, providing electrical lighting over the river.

This lighthouse is in a popular children’s book, where it teaches how little people can do big things.  It was nice to get this rare look into a local icon and tale.

The cute book –
It’s a landmark –

One Response to “The Little Red Lighthouse That Could”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    That’s awesome!!!

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