Top Dogs of Mt Sanitas

I was working in Colorado recently, which is known for mountains, health, weed, and craft beer.  I spent a weekend in Boulder and got up at 6am to hike Mt Sanitas.  It was quite steep and full of stony steps, and even though I powered past an elderly woman near the start, she caught me when I stopped for a breather and then beat me to the top.  Dang.

The top featured almost as many dogs as humans.  It’s completely legal for dogs to be unleashed if they’re well-behaved, so they’re all quite friendly and mutually amicable, just enjoying nature along with their pet humans.  They came in all shapes and sizes, including a Great Dane whose tongue lolled out at least 10cm while he panted for dear life.  Most admirable was a pair of Australian Cattle Dogs who didn’t show any signs of exertion at all as they rounded the top, then began excitedly darting around the rocks looking for the next adventure.

With my weekend exercise squared away by 9am, I was free to start my beer hunt.  As fortune would have it, the hotel that I picked at random was right in the middle of 8 breweries, all being within a 10 minute walking radius.  This would be a night to remember.  I sampled more beers than I could possibly remember and then took a shortcut home by jumping a fence and landing daintily on my back, to avoid the ankle that I’d rolled during my hike.

Everything seemed fine, but in the morning I found various scratches over my body and a swollen ankle.  But such BRIs (beer related injuries) are to be expected when you visit 8 breweries in one night.

One Response to “Top Dogs of Mt Sanitas”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    Amazing, the hike sounds like great fun!!! :)

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