The Bowie package at Red Rocks

Just outside of Denver is a picturesque set of rock formations making large, slanted walls like a stegosaurus’ plates or a waddle of penguins leaning into a brisque wind.  It’s a stunning view from the city, looks even better up close, appears heavenly at dusk, and is mesmerising when accompanied by a giant projection of David Bowie’s crotch.  That’s right, I was there for a viewing of the 80s flick, Labyrinth – that oldie-but-goodie where Jennifer Connelly still had pimples and David Bowie was her sleezy sugar daddy but somehow still managed to come off as suave and captivating, whilst smuggling budgies in his pantaloons.

Most of the crowd were mesmerised by Bowie’s bulge, which appeared terribly close-up and tights-bound at not a few times, accompanied by cheers from all around me.  The picture quality must have been revamped lately, too, because the flick looked really good and barely outdated.  The puppets were fun too; we just don’t get to see Jim Henson’s hand up people’s butts these days.  Nor do we often get to watch a nostalgic flick in a spectacularly scenic, outdor setting with 10,000 adoring fans.  What a fantastic night, which shall henceforth be known as the night of the Bowie package at Red Rocks.

Magic Dance –

3 Responses to “The Bowie package at Red Rocks”
  1. Sounds great. I still have not seen the other Bowie Flick – The Dark Crystal – to this day.

  2. kdisleaze says:

    Sounds awesome – what a great place to see it! :)

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