Jersey Murals

I was working in Jersey City lately, in the Grove St area and I spotted numerous, intricate, pretty murals everywhere.  I’m not sure why so many people make the effort to create these large murals on different buildings but it really helped spruce up the ‘hood.

This was only the 2nd time in 4 years that I’d slept in my own bed while working.  Catching the subway to work is highly overrated, as I frequently arrived at the office covered in sweat, which is not a great start to the day.

Despite being only a stone’s throw from my home, I was quite unfamiliar with the area.  New Yorkers (and especially Manhattanites) are usually fairly reticent to travel over the bridges and tunnels, especially for New Jersey.  I was impressed to see that Jersey City was much more built-up and interesting than the sprawling suburbia and strip malls that I’d seen while driving throughout the state.  My work area was actually quite calm and relaxing, compared with Manhattan.  It offered plenty of hip and interesting restaurants and it also had the best view of Manhattan’s skyline.

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2 Responses to “Jersey Murals”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    Waow, those murals are amazing!!

    I’ve had a couple of different experiences in Jersey, my friend lived just over the bridge and we used to sit on her roof and look at the Manhattan skyline. But, then I stayed with my other friend once who lived in a bad area and it made it worse one night when I got off the bus at the wrong place and was wandering the streets, fortunately a taxi driver picked me up and asked me what I was doing there and then he pulled out a gun from the glove compartment and said, this is the only reason I drive through here!

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