How do you say beer in Japanese?

A few weeks ago, I went to a random brewery after work on a Friday, as I’m wont.  That’s when I bumped into 2 random Japanese guys who were working in Ohio and had come to NYC just for a beer weekend.  Seriously, they came to NYC not to see Lady Liberty and Central Park, but to try some local breweries.  Clearly The Fates brought us together.  And so my one-brewery evening turned into four, interspersed with many hand gestures and bad translations.  We developed a system where we’d order a flight to share, we’d each take a sip and rate it out of 5, then we’d redistribute the leftovers based on who liked what the most.  It was like a fun competition and the numbers gave us an easy way to communicate our love or hate of each brew, without requiring the translation of words like palette and aroma.  Thanks for a wild night, Kazuki and Daisuke.


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