Voting in America

Holy crap, the politics here confuses me.  We all hear about the Democrats and Republicans, who seem to be locked in a perpetual Puerto Rican knife fight on a seesaw.  The words democracy and republic are good words with a lot of similarities but somehow they’ve been chosen as opposing labels in this strange land.  And Americans are convinced that you must be 100% one or the other.  Some of them refuse to date or talk to people from the other side.  Mind you, they carry this polarised thinking into sports teams, too.

I didn’t know how to pick but I found the secret for clueless foreigners like me … an absentee ballot!  Instead of the pressure of making snap decisions at the poll about people, parties and jobs I’d never heard of, I was able to take all the time that I wanted to Google each choice.

The news makes it sound like a choice between 2 presidential candidates but it really ain’t that simple.  There’s heaps of choices far various positions.  Hillary was listed under Conservative, Working Families and Women’s Equality parties.  Trump was listed under 2 parties, too.  I had to vote for a “Representative in Congress” but Google showed me that congress is both the House of Reps and the Senate … so which one were they talking about?!?  I then had to vote for a “Member of the Assembly” but all the Googles couldn’t even tell me what that meant.  How is that even possible!?!  Strangest of all was when I had to pick not one but any number of “Justices of the Supreme Court” and my only choices were 9 different Democrats.  Maybe it’s a New York thing.

I think I’m a fairly intelligent guy, but dang this was confusing.  I don’t know how your average immigrant or hillbilly manages it.  My guess is that half of the people’s votes are made incorrectly and are deemed invalid.

One Response to “Voting in America”
  1. sherine says:

    Glad you voted!!

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