The source of liquid courage

I went to the Budaberg distillery which is in … well … Bundaberg.  Bundy is Australia’s truly distinctive rum.  It’s iconic advertising hook is a large, friendly polar bear (who knows why, but it’s pretty catchy).  If we’re being honest, I don’t think anyone really loves Bundy Rum, but it’s a staple.

I don’t like it.  White rums are pure and can go in any drink.  Spiced rums have a rich flavour for a stronger taste.  Bundy is brown and has a gross taste.  At least it did … until now.  Now it has a milion different varieties.  They’re apparently doing very well and expanding their options lately, while trying to spread the world over (because currently 95% of sales are in Aus and NZ).  They now do pre-mixed drinks, liqueurs, lengthy barrel-aged options, and all kinds of different flavours.  Just listening to all the varieties made me drool.  I still don’t like classic Bundy rum, but trying all the other varieties gave me a new appreciation.

Perhaps the best part of the tour was reading all the history panels. For example, I learnt how rum fuelled the early Australian economy and was a mere byproduct of having too much excess molassess leftover from all the cane farms in northern Queensland.  I learnt that Bundy and Coke was invented when Aussie diggers in WWII were hanging out with Yanks and poured their daily ration of Bundy into the Yanks’ daily rations of Coca Cola.  I learnt about the daily rations of rum given to sailors in the age of seafaring and how they declared that it gave the men “liquid courage”.  It’s nice to know when you’re a part of history.  Cheers to you, Bundy.

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