Rise of the snowy surfer

I was back in Colorado for a 3rd visit in Jan/Feb, which is peak snow season in a very popular ski resorts region.  Despite owning zero of the necessary gear, I managed to rent everything and enjoy 2 separate weekends in Winter Park and Steamboat.

It was glorious.  I rediscovered my childhood snowboarding skills quickly and I was carving up the slopes in no time.  I can’t say that I reached “do jumps and destroy the moguls” level, but I certainly achieved “overtake most people and scare the kids” level.

I was so fast that I had to constantly take my clothes off while standing in the chairlift lines, just to cool down.  Going solo is way more efficient than group skiing, as you don’t have to wait for fallen comrades or argue over which route to take.  You just go.  I even took  squashed sandwiches in my pockets so that I could eat anywhere and be flexible.

Both resorts were well-oiled machines at getting people onto the slopes, and I was impressed with all the facilities.  There were a few lodges at the summits with all the food and beer you could want.  When you can carve up fluffy snow then stop half-way down the mountain to sit on a wooden lounge, in the warm sun, with a tasty craft ale … what else do you need in life?


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