Crazy Shake Craze

Everything has to be a craze these days, particularly in NYC.  The latest one that I heard about was Black Tap NYC’s shakes.  I’d been to Black Tap a few years ago, when it was an ordinary, quiet joint with decent burgers and craft beers.  But that was before the crazy shakes.

They’re all the rage because they look ridiculous – sort of like hipster hats and moustache wax.  Make a statement or move away from the camera.  It’s all about Instagrammability.  Likes are life.  If it looks ridonkulous, they will come.

This craze has created an almost perpetual line around the block with an average wait of 90 minutes.  And there’s nothing that trendy New Yorkers love more than lining up around the block.  It’s definitive proof that the product must be amaze-balls.  Black Tap has probably become more famous for its long queues than its shakes.  I arrived early to skip the queue but, even then, they only allowed 1 party in every few minutes.  I think they deliberately want to cause a line so that people freak out about how good it must be.

I went for the burger because apparently they won some award recently.  Mine was dry and dull.  Meh.  But the crazy shake was indeed interesting.  They coat the outer rim with cake frosting, so that they can then stick all kinds of candy and cookies to the glass.  See all that cream piled on top?  Mine ended up becoming a puddle all around my glass.  They won’t show you that photo on Instagram.

I think my favourite part was the divey-cafe/bar feel and faux-graffiti everywhere.  It gave the place a real relaxed but fun flair.  I’d probably enjoy hanging out there, if it wasn’t so damn trendy.

Feast your eyes –

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