Give me apizza pie

I’ve been working in Connecticut recently in the “city” of New Britain.  You heard that correctly, my old comrades from the UK, there’s a New Britain.  You’re old.  The US replaced you with a new one.  That’s what they do.  It’s a rather small and unnoteworthy place compared to the old Britain, but it’s a lot easier to travel to.

I learned that there’s a whole new and highly regarded style of pizza here called New Haven style, named after the largest city in these parts.  The style is neopolitan (my favourite), which is thin and sparsely decorated with ingredients, just like New York-style.  Frank Pepe’s pizzeria is the poster-child of this style, but I wasn’t too impressed with their crispy, oily, thin, floppy, and saucy delicacy. It got cold quick and cut my gums, plus you can’t carry a slice while you walk (in a hurry like a New Yorker) and you definitely can’t keep your hands clean.  Fortunately, I found a smaller restaurant near my hotel that was faithful to the style but without the extremist failures of Pepe.

Some locals talk about how pizza was invented here, as though Italy and the cosmos didn’t exist before 1492 (it’s an American perspective; you get used to it).  They really mean that American pizza was invented here, or more likely that New Haven style pizza was invented here, because it seems more likely New York planted a flag in their own style first.  Whatever the case, I’m glad that decent pizza is available in my little corner of the world.

You know you’re in USA when…
– “Where’s Wally” is “Where’s Waldo”, and they’re so emphatic about it that surely you must be wrong.  Sorry, old Britain, but the name of your famous book series has been replaced by 320 million people so deal with it.

One American at a time …
– Today, a work colleague pronounced Z like “zed” instead of “zee”, because he’d been listening to me for 2 months.  Oh yeah.

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