Philly haute cuisine

There’s a somewhat delicate, somewhat refined, and somewhat secretive meal you can only find in Philly that even most of the locals don’t know about.  Everyone knows about Lorenzo & Sons pizza – home to the 28″ pizza (yes, that’s 71 cms in diameter).  Everyone knows about Jim’s Steaks – home to their famous cheesesteaks.  But the secret is to put the two together and create the Philly Taco.

Here’s how it’s done: Buy the cheesteak, walk down the block on South Street, buy the slice, then wrap the cheesteak inside the slice.  It’s like a food burrito, or a greasy croissant, depending on which way you wrap it.  It may look like dough upon dough (or tier auf tier) but it feels like carb Christmas and slides down surprisingly easy like a greased-up baby in a garbage shute.

I didn’t really need one, especially not for breakfast, but moments of greatness must be seized and swallowed.  When you get the chance, you’ve gotta grab Philly by the taco.

My final bites –

Gluttonous Maximus –

Sandwich Monday –

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