Forgettable karaoke

A few weeks ago, my friend was leaving for an extended trip to Thailand, so he had a karaoke night to celebrate the joy of his departure.  It’d been a few years since my last karaoke, back in my London days, so I felt compelled to give New York a shot.  This place was apparently … Continue reading

Chunk with Chunk

Would you like your Chunk with a side of Chunk?  Lloyd showed me this street graffiti near Camden Town, London, so I did what felt natural. Yes, kids, this is a Goonies reference – a 1985 movie that’s sort of like Stranger Things without the magic. Goonies trailer – A fabulous horror remix of … Continue reading

My artisanal pizzas

These are the pizzas I made for my family during the Xmas holidays.  Mine are the artisanal looking ones while the perfectly round ones used gluten-free bases from a shop. I made the dough from scratch and I permitted no input on the menu (coz who has the time or patience to listen to family … Continue reading