Family Feuding

We sat across from each other in groups of 4.  It was Team Euro vs Team Social Deduction, in respect to the styles of board games that we prefer i.e. sociopaths vs socialites; quiet thinkers vs loud talkers; mouth breathers vs political tricksters.  We were competing in a makeshift Family Feud at one of my … Continue reading

A furious Dracula

My friends and I have been playing a lot of Fury of Dracula lately.  It’s a board game where 4 valiant hunters chase the hidden Dracula around Europe, trying to find his trail and vanquish him before his evil plots thicken.  For me, the major draw is that I loved the book and movie of … Continue reading

The hygge Haagen

I recently made it to a Brooklyn Haagen-Dazs for their free cone day … because the only thing better than ice cream is free ice cream.  It surprised me that the line wasn’t round the block and 3 hours long, like it would have been in Manhattan.  People in New York suffer from severe trend-chasing … Continue reading